Writing is…

For those of us that writing is a passion and skill , we not only have to exercise it, we need to lean into it. It is what give us joy and an avenue to share that joy with others. Keep writing even if you think no one is reading. Your joy will find a home!

First Book of the Summer Young Writers Worskhop, 2022! Sessions II & III are ready for you!

Come write with me and join the fun! Summer Session I is in the “books!”, resulting in the book of poetry above. Sessions II is on the way and Summer Session III has been added to accommodate a couple of scheduling conflicts due to the plethora of great activities being offered this summer!

  • July 11-13 Summer Session II Fiction Friction: Add a little friction to your fiction by energizing your character’s backstory.
  • August 9-11 Summer Session III/ Summer Sunsets: Make your setting sizzle and book come alive.

As always, you will get a book of our collected writings included in the $90 fee. I also offer a virtual component if you are interested.

Happy Writing,

J.S. Jenson

Poetry is in Bloom this Summer!

Once again Poetry Rules! I have been blessed with another group of “Pesky” poems, written by five of my very talented sixth graders at Holy Rosary and one from me, soon to be displayed in the DL City Park at the First Annual Flowerpot Poetry Walk!

What a great group of creative and dedicated student writers!

J.S. Jenson

Summer Writers Workshop

Come write with me! The date has been set for my second set of Summer Children’s Writing Workhops! They are geared for ages 9-13. Each session comes complete with a hardcover book of writing endeavors

Cost: $90

June, 13-15 Sharp Bites Poetry

July, 11-13 Fiction Friction

For more informatino or tow register, email me a jjenson847@gmail.com or text at 218-234-6986